Monday, September 26, 2005

Issue #1 release and December previews.

First off, we're late.

Issue #1 won't hit stores until Oct. 19. Long story. I take full responsibility.

The good news is that the book is really looking sharp and Devil's Due are excited by what they're seeing. I get the feeling we're starting to generate a bit of buzz.


December previews. We ain't in it.

Don't panic. Everything's cool. Issue #4 will be released in January. We're taking the month off to reset the schedule and make sure everything gets back on track.

I have something like 90 pages of artwork for the next few issues, so we're actually WAY ahead. But, with the delay of issue #1, we wanted to space out the releases instead of pushing the product out the door right on the heels of the previous release.

Issue #5 is out in February and Issue #6 - the BIG finale! - will be out in March.


eDuke said...

I'm glad Devil's Due is happy! They should be, it's a great book! Now build that hype because I got loads of DWP #7 to get rid of!

The Mad Alaskan said...

Yeah, and I'm hoping to get an email saying "Hey, Kel, you wanna letter Lost Squad VOLUME TWO?" :D