Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not in San Diego.

Long time between posts and there's much I'm dying to reveal but sadly can't at the moment.

I know, I know. I'm a tease. Guilty as charged.

For the first time in seven years, I'm not in San Diego. Feels weird to be honest. I'll be extremely busy this weekend and my goal is to go into my bunker and ignore the comic news coming out of the left coast. Fat chance, most likely.

I will be at Comicon Chicago FKA WizardWorld Chicago. I'm splitting a table with fellow Digital Webbing Presents alum and all-around good guy, Glenn Jeffers. More on that as we get into August.

I'm asked a lot about the Lost Squad movie and I can't get into to too much detail but there is movement. There are people interested and I'm very encouraged by the progress. The people involved are all VERY talented and have a lot of enthusiasm toward the project. They really seem to get it. More news as I'm allowed.

I've still got a bunch of projects in various holding patterns which seems to be a running theme for this blog in the last few years.

One thing I can confirm is I'm going to have a short story in an upcoming issue of the relaunch of DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS. The story is called BARNSTORMING and is a WWII tale about P-51 pilots flying an escort mission near the end of the war. Art by the amazing Juan Moreno who did DARK SIDE OF THE MOON for me in DWP #3 (my first published comic!). He's solid. Check out the sample above.

We're having it colored and it's slated to be in one of the first issues of the new launch.

So everyone have fun in San Diego. Think of me pouting at home and missing the action.