Saturday, September 03, 2005

Alan Robinson - stand clear of the blast!

In my opinion, you'll never confuse Alan Robinson's artwork with someone else's. Alan's stuff just seems to "pop" in a unique way. I was drawn to his artwork immediately when I saw the samples he'd posted on the Digital Webbing message boards.

I approached Alan back in 2002 about fleshing out the weird WWII adventure story that I had rolling around in my head. I wanted to do a slam bang eight page story for the Digital Webbing Presents anthology with the thinking that, if we struck a chord with readers, we'd follow that up with a long form project.

Well, we struck a chord.

Readers dug the idea and concepts and, of course, Alan's artwork. So, here we are on the verge of the debut issue of the six issue mini-series. I'll save further details for subsequent posts. Right now, this is all about Alan and his fabulous artwork.

A native of Chile, Alan is a freelance artist just starting out in comics.

Believe me when I say he's about to blow up.

Give some of these images a look and click on over to his website to check out his stuff. It's truly amazing and unique work.

It's always nice to work with someone talented, but it's been terrific working with Alan, who is also a truly good guy.


That sound was Alan headed into orbit.


Ray Dillon said...

Hey, Chris! Nice Blog. ;o)

Lost Squad looks awesome! And yep, Alan Robinson is very talented and unique.


Chris Kirby said...

Thanks for the support, Ray!