Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alan's Newest Gig

Alan is definitely movin' on up!

I got word from him last week that he's been signed on to provide one issue of fill-in artwork on Dark Horse's Star Wars Legacy book. He's slated for issue #22 which is already solicited and set to arrive in your local comic shop on April 8.

Anyone who knows Alan knows that he is a MAJOR Star Wars fan and this is a dream project for him.

Check out his Darth!

We've put our projects on the backburner for now, but for the record, I couldn't be happier for him!

His artwork keeps getting better and his career, in my opinion, is starting to take off. He's got his foot in the door now at Dark Horse and I predict big things from him.

Now, if Dark Horse could just use a writer, on say, their revivals of my old faves EERIE and CREEPY, they could pair the two of us up once again.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lost Sqaud Minatures.

Uber-fan Chris Jachimowicz is back with more cool Lost Squad stuff.

This time he's painted and modified some 28mm pewter minatures into our beloved ragtag team of soldiers.

Here's Captain Boudreau.

Here's the email I received from Chris: "I’ve attached several pictures of the Lost Squad figures that I have painted up for 28mm play. They are from Artizan Designs, Bolt Action Miniatures, Brigade Games miniatures and West Wind.

I did a little sculpting, such as glasses on the Corporal, hair on Kessler, and the ribbon on Lymangood’s arm to make them more LS-like. I also added built-in MG-42’s to the front of the motorcycle sidecar and a point to the driver’s helmet. All in all I think they came out rather good!"

Damn! So do I!

Major Smithenry and Corporal Berg

The "Chicago Boys": Tinker, Evers and Chance

Nazi Demon Soldier

You can check Chris's earlier creative efforts here. I'll post the rest soon.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Strike over.

Good to see the strike finally come to an end. From the reading I've done and the people I've talked to I get the impression that they believe that they got as good of a deal as they could get. There are a few quibbles (17 days of residual free streaming before the writer sees a dime?), but that it was good to get everyone back to work.

We're waiting on a second draft of the Lost Squad screenplay. Hopefully once that's turned in Rogue will give it a greenlight.

Still working on the hosting issues. My provider is not forwarding the domain properly and I'm thinking about installing a blogging tool to get around this, although I'd rather just stick with Blogger for now.

I got caught up on some TV and will post some reviews shortly.

More to come.