Friday, September 01, 2006

Coupla quick things...

I'm STILL in hangover mode from the movie deal. I'll try and post more after the Labor Day holiday including some inside skinny on the movie thing and the long delayed Chicago Con report.

I owe a ton of peeps email responses (or script pages, for that matter), I should be back in radio contact with most everyone this weekend.

One last thing that I've been asked about a lot in emails --

I DO NOT have representation in Hollywood. No manager. No agent.

That means I can't forward your script or comic book project along to anyone. I have no juice. And, if I did have juice, I'd use it to try and get MY stuff out there.

That also means that if someone is interested in repping me, I'd love to talk.

My email is MAILCALL [at (@)] lost-squad DOT com

Lost Squad #5 review at Jazma Online

Richard Vasseur over at the Jazma Online Forums gives Lost Squad #5 four out of five stars.

Thanks, Rich.