Friday, April 20, 2007

5 page preview up at the Devil's Due site.

The fine folks at Devil's Due have tossed up a five page preview of Lost Squad #6.

Go there and read and be amazed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

That new comic smell.

A box showed up on the doorstep yesterday jam packed with 50 copies of Lost Squad #6.


I'm anticipating the book will be on shelves next Wednesday, April 25th, at finer comic shops everywhere.

Believe me when I say that this issue, without a doubt, contains THE strongest work from Alan to date. He knocks the action out of the park but also shows off his storytelling chops with some of the quieter moments and reaction shots.

And, there is one large splash panel which is absolutely gorgeous.

Featured inside LS#6 is an ad with artwork by Invincible artist Ryan "WyA" Ottley for DDP's newest horror comic CHUCKY. He's handling the incentive cover for this issue. WyA's stuff really is fantastic and he's a good man. If you haven't been reading Invincible, well, then you've missed a terrific super-hero comic. Check it out.

Chucky looks like a fun horror book with Brian Pulido writing and Josh Medors handling the art chores. Josh has done some really solid artwork for Steve Niles on FUSED and 30 Days of Night. Give it read.

More on the release date of LS #6 and the collected trade when I have it.