Monday, April 24, 2006

Fonzie says...

AAAAYYYYY! Lost Squad #4 is looking good!

Got my books in the mail today. Look for #4 in
your local comic shop either this Wednesday or next.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Silver Bullet Comics takes aim at issue #3.

John Hays over at Silver Bullet Comics has a review up for LS #3. Make with the clicky and check it out. Nice review and a big thanks to John. It's always terrific to have people checking out your work.

John mentions that he isn't a big fan of the pacing of the story. I'd like to touch on this a bit (and this isn't directed at John, it's just probably time I mentioned the creative process for the book ).

Originally, the Operation: Crystal Ball storyline was an OGN that Alan and I were working on for Devil's Due's D3 digest sized TPB line. When we switched to the floppy format we cut some material and added a bit here and there to hit each issue break (we also added a prologue story that became issue #1). For the most part, we didn't have to force the breaks and invent cliffhangers to make it work. The breaks were already there organically. But, the whole story was indeed initally "written for the trade" because, well, it was a trade.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Comics Review gives a thumbs up to LS #3.

The Comics Review website digs issue #3.

Now here's a picture of David Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman.

They've obviously just finished reading issue #3 and posed for this picture to share their feelings.

Thanks for the support guys!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Steven Grant causes some Permanent Damage to the Squad.

Writer Steven Grant posted a review of LS #3 in his March 29th column. I'm pretty religious about checking out Comic Book Resources columns, but somehow I missed it.

Check out the review in the archives here and tune in every week to catch Steven's take on comics, television, politics and pop culture in his Permanent Damage column on CBR.

Thanks to Sean for the tip.

Sequential Tart takes a look at Lost Squad #3.

Wolfen Moondaughter has given #3 a read and has posted a review over at the excellent Sequential Tart website. Give it a read. Thanks, Wolfen!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Creator Direct blog

Kody Chamberlain, artist extrodinaire, has invited me to join in the fun over at, a comics creator blog created by Kody and Josh Fialkov and featuring a solid stable of creators. Check it out for comics and pop culture commentary as well as previews of upcoming work.

Proofs are in for Issue #4.

Got the proofs in the mail for Issue #4 which should mean we'll be hitting stores in the next few weeks.

The books looks fantastic. I'm really pleased how it all came together. Brenner has done a really nice job.

Got a couple of LS #3 reviews I need to post. The main complaints seem to be that readers have a hard time telling the squad apart and that #3 is pretty much ALL ACTION.

We've got a little character guide printed in the inside front cover of #4 which should clear up some confusion. As to the second complaint, issue #4 is pretty much balls-to-the-wall action, even more so than #3.

BUT, we do get the big twist at the end that changes the mission completely as we discover the true nature of the SYBIL device.