Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movie stuff

Got a few emails in the past couple of weeks from friends asking about the status of the Lost Squad property in Hollywood. Thought I'd do a quick update.

Most of you probably know that Rogue Pictures had let their option lapse as of last January. In the interim, things have moved along the development track albeit at a leisurely walking pace.

Here's what I can say - there are behind the camera creative people who have attached themselves to Lost Squad. I love their take on the story and could not be more thrilled. Honestly, they really get the book and have crafted a terrific pitch to get us on the screen.

The next step is to take it out to people familiar with the book and have interest in a Lost Squad movie. Things are slow usually around this time of year in the movie biz, but we have a number of friendly ears who will listen to the new pitch.

So there we go. Like I always say about things Hollywood related, "It's all vapor."