Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I see you! Don't be shy, gimme a shout out!

Getting some nice traffic to the site and I'm pleased, but don't be shy! Speak up.

We've had visitors from all over - Mexico, Chile, Finland, Spain, Australia and the great white north of Canada. Let me know who you are. Say hey!


eDuke said...

Where's your counter, dude? Are you like magical or something? ;)

Chris Kirby said... dude!

Free and invisible!

eDuke said...

Ah! Now we gotta get you to link to other blogs... you're messing up my surfing... hmmm, maybe I'll hit you last.

Sergio Quijada said...

Hi Chris

I'm an Alan's friend...and just wanted to say that Alan's artwork is great...congrats to you and Alan for this project...

Grande Mono, espero siga todo bien como hasta ahora...y encarga un par de copias para comprar la mia...junto con un dibujo firmado.