Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wizard World Chicago 2008

WWC kicks off on Thursday.

I'll be set up in artist's alley at table # 5114. I'm all the way back against the wall. Look for the LOST SQUAD stand up.

I've got great table placement again this year. I'm setting up next to such comic heavyweights as Ivan Brandon and Andy McDonald, Mike Norton, Bryan Glass, David Mack, Taki Soma, Mike Oeming, Brian Bendis, the Kansas City comics crew -- Clay Moore, Jeremy Haun, Dennis Hopeless, Kevin Mellon, Jason Hurley, and Jason LaTour.

Devil's Due is setting up at booth 1123 and I'll be signing there at some point this weekend. I'll update as I get that info.

Come on back and say howdy! I'll be the imposter hawking the zombie nazi comics.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sweet nectar of the gods.

I spent Father's Day fishing with the kids which conjurs certain Norman Rockwellian images, but all being said, it was a terrific way to spend the day.

I capped off the evening alone on the couch, flipping channels and enjoying my new found drink obsession -- Avery's MAHARAJA Imperial IPA.

It is the sweet nectar of the gods!

When it comes to beers, I'm a hop-head. I LOVE that flowery smell and this baby delivers. The taste lives up to the initial smell test. It has a bitter, citrusy flavor with a hint of malt. It's much stronger than you're regular IPA. It packs a punch at nearly 10% alcohol and something like 110 IBU's.

A fantastic way to end a terrific Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Teaser image from the new project.

Art by co-creator and digital wunderkind Ryan Scott.

And another.

The first rule of the new project is that you don't talk about the new project.


And, then you'll wanna stick your fist in my mouth 'cause I won't shut up about it.

Blogger hiccup

Seems that Blogger had a bit of a hiccup recently.

They've chewed up and spat out a few postings.

Sorry about that. In the meantime, and for no reason in particular, here's a picture of Mr. T.

The funny thing is, the hat isn't even the most ridiculous thing about this photo.

That is just an INSANE amount of bling. Never mind the weapon, but how does the man get through the metal detectors at airports?

I think it's just one LONG ass gold rope chain he swiped off an anchor aboard a Saudi prince's yacht.

Are those Wonder Woman's bracelets and Mandarin's rings he's wearing? (geekjoke)

More T as the mood strikes me, foo'!