Friday, March 23, 2007

Some new reviews from non-comics websites.

Did a bit of vanity googling for the Lost Squad and found a couple of mentions out in the blogosphere from some non-comic websites.

Armchair General's online magazine
has a nice review of the Lost Squad written by Paul Glasser. Give it a read and stay for the cool military history and in-depth war game reviews. I'm a huge fan of this stuff and this site delivers in spades. Check out the article on the movie adaptation of Frank Miller's '300'. Good stuff.

Check out the comics roundup over on war game publisher Shrapnel Games community blog. Scroll down and you'll find a nice Lost Squad mention. Thanks to Shrapnel staffer Scott for the kind words.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Issue #6 preview artwork.

Apologies are in order from everyone here at Lost Squad HQ for the cancellation of Issue #6 back in October.

We've regrouped, resolicited and the big finale to the Operation: Crystal Ball will appear on comic book store shelves in March.

Here's a few sample pages to tide everyone over in the meantime.

More goodness from Alan.