Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Digital Webbing Presents #1 at COMIXOLOGY

Digital Webbing Presents the fine independent comics anthology has been resurrected once again (at least in digital form)!

Skeedaddle on over to COMIXOLOGY to purchase and download the latest of the new digital volume. The first four issues are now up over there.

From 2002 until 2008, Digital Webbing Presents was a terrific outlet for up-and-coming (and some well known creators) to try out new story ideas, hone their craft, and have their work appear in print.

Editor-in-Chief and general Digital Webbing grand poohbah, Ed Dukeshire shepherded 36 issues into comic shops, an amazing accomplishment in independent comics.

I was fortunate enough to have stories in 12 of the issues (including the first appearance of the Lost Squad in issue #7!) and I still receive emails from people who are fans and are looking for more.

Ed (along with Kel Nuttall) are looking to keep the book alive with the advent of digital comics. Hopefully they'll be able to put up some of the old back issues one day. I'd love to see that.

My story BARNSTORMING with art by Juan Moreno appears in the first issue of the new incarnation. It's a based-on-a-true-story-ish tale about a rookie Mustang pilot flying cover for B-17's in WWII. It's a fun little adventure tale that I have had sitting around for more than a few years and never could find the right outlet.

If you're itching to create comics, you might click on over to the Digital Webbing forums and check out the amazing community of like minded creators. You can find a collaborator or two and create your own story to submit to the new Digital Webbing Presents. Check out the list of prominent DWP alumni and realize that this could be the first step to a career in comics. What've you got to lose?

I have some back issues of Digital Webbing Presents that I would be willing to sell as well if anyone is interested. I need to set up a Lost Squad back issues shop and I may just toss up some of my old comp copies up there as well.

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