Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back from C2E2 - webstore open

I am back and just about recovered from C2E2 this past weekend. Had a terrific time and met a lot of great fans who seemed to enjoy the book.

We did brisk business on Saturday and the crowd was very open to
checking out the wares of creators in Artist Alley. The new, smaller venue was perfect with enough room to move through the wide aisles.

I will definitely be returning next year. BIG thumbs up to the guys running C2E2. Give this show a few more years and I think it will turn into an 800 pound gorilla.

My schedule demanded that I leave the show early on Sunday and I'm sure that I missed some sales. I passed out a bunch business cards and web traffic to this here blog has spiked. With that, I've decided to (finally) open up a little web shop here for signed Lost Squad books and art.

The web shop uses PayPal to handle transactions, but you do NOT need an account to buy, just a credit/debit card and you log in as a PayPal guest.

I only have signed trades up for now, but I will be adding items and announcing them here.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table and said hello. The feedback I get from people who have read the book and are wanting more really goes a long way for a small creator like myself.

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