Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I'm a sucker for a crime story and I've had this one percolating in my head for a while.

It's called TRIGGER HIPPIE. I nicked the title from a MORCHEEBA song, but it fits.

Here's the idea --

Meet Paul "Trig" Trigger -- lover of women, fish tacos, and a good spliff.

Trig does odd "jobs" for a specific criminal clientele, big time pot farmers, taking care of a laundry list of unpleasant duties. In exchange he gets a little walking around money and enough smoke to make it through the week.

Only problem: Trig is a pacifist.

Where an old school mook would rough up a deadbeat dealer, Trig has to cajole, beg, outsmart, and outhustle people. With his charm and wit, he just manages to keep the peace without anyone resorting to violence.

But, when a hottie with a bag full of cash takes off to spite a small time dealer, Trig and his new Samoan bodyguard Lars go looking for her before she ends up getting hurt - or worse. Things really go south when her body turns up and the money is missing and Trig starts looking good to LA Homicide for the deed. Being firmly in the crosshairs of a murder investigation is enough to turn this peace-lovin' slacker into a bad ass mofo looking for a little payback.

Trig finds that for a pacifist, he's got a mean right cross.

It's two parts Raymond Chandler and one part Cheech and Chong peppered with a little Tarantino humor and an oddball cast.

Artwork is by the man-with-the-skilled-drawing-hand Ulises Carpintero.

Again, this another project we hope to drop in San Diego.

Feedback welcome.

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