Friday, May 01, 2009

"So where the hell are you???"

That's from an email I received. I'm touched that people still care.

So where the hell are we?

Here's what I know -- Alan and I have severed our relationship with Devil's Due. We'll no longer be putting out any LOST SQUAD comics through them. All rights have reverted to us going forward.

I want to thank Josh Blaylock and Sam Wells and everyone at Devil's Due for all their support and hard work.

We are looking at other opportunities. That's about all I want to say on that for now.

Rogue Pictures still holds the option for a LOST SQUAD movie until early 2010. At this point, I have no news on that front. The development process has been hampered by the writer's strike and by Universal's sale of the company to Relativity Media. Things could still change and the ball could get rolling, but it's not looking good.

I'm sure we will be shopping the project around if rights revert back to us, but it would be great if things got rolling with Rogue Pictures.

So where the hell are we going?

I have a TON of new projects in the works including a horror idea with Alan Robinson.

Artwork has been steadily coming in and I should have at least FIVE new projects to pitch for San Diego.

In the next week or so I will toss up some sample art for the new projects just to give a taste.

So thanks for hanging with us. There will be more artwork and news to gander at both LOST SQUAD related and info about new projects.

So keep checking back. More posting as time allows.

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sketchfro said...

Hello Alan,

Sorry to hear about the break away from Devil's Due. I hope that you find a good home for your comic and for the future of your newer projects. I hope you decide to update us with some sketches or ideas.

Also, I wanted to ask if the Orphan Law has affected the writers and artist there as well. I know the witters guild is still holding down their own fight there in Cali, but I don't know if that Law is making them fight harder or not.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing some more work!