Friday, July 18, 2008

Lost Squad -- In Living Color

Colorist extraordinaire Garry Henderson tossed up some awesome colored pages from issue one of Lost Squad on his DeviantArt page and the Digital Webbing message boards. I just had to share.

DAYUM, if the boys don't look sharp! Garry colored the pages as if the story was taking place in Africa instead of Poland as an experiment. I say these make a fine addition to his portfolio.

Sharp stuff! Garry's done work for Devil's Due and Zenescope. Check out more of his stuff here. If you're a publisher looking for a talented colorist, hire the man already!

Hmmm...Lost Squad versus Rommel's Afrika Corps. Might make a good story.

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sketchfro said...

They aren't bad pages. Hello Kirby, this is SKETCHFRO from off the Digital Webbing forum. I saw you had a blog also and decided to check it out. Hope to hear from you soon!