Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chicago con report

Wow this is incredibly late.

I've been toiling at the real job and scrambling to get some work done on a few other projects. The good news is that I've knocked out a ton of script pages in July. Bad news is I'm still scrambling and there's little time to post.

Chicago was again a terrific show. I sold a ton of trades and few single issues. The Freakshow horror combo sold better than expected and I didn't have to cart as much home as I usually do.

Feedback on the Lost Squad was terrific. I had a nice (but short) conversation with comics heavyweight Phil Hester who was very complimentary and had some nice advice as well. I will buy him a beer in San Diego if the opportunity presents itself.

I set up next to writer Ivan Brandon and artist Andy McDonald who are both terrific guys, very professional and talented and put up with my repetitive and annoying sales pitch for Lost Squad. NYC MECH is a terrific book and I highly recommend it. I picked up the second trade from them and I can say it's as crisp and sharp as the first.

Chicago is all about hooking up with old friends and this year didn't disappoint. I hung out with artist Kevin Mellon and writer Dennis Hopeless of GEARHEAD fame and the upcoming CUPID from AiT/Planet Lar. A nicer and more talented pair of guys you will not find. They're my homies.

Here's a Flickr picture of Kevin and myself enjoying ourselves in the midst of the insanity that is the Hyatt on Saturday night.

Kevin's entire set of photos is here if you're interested.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man artist Ryan Stegman is one of the funniest dudes in comics and, along with Ryan's Fiance', artists Erik Jones (who is a riot himself), Ray Dillon and Renae De Liz (two of my favorite people), and Mellon and Hopeless, we all backed up the truck and went for deep dish pizza one night and had a fantastic time.

Ray and Renae witnessed my rant about how much I think the Goonies sucks. They just listened politely and shook their heads. I'm pretty sure they avoided eye contact for the rest of the weekend. We will continue this conversation in San Diego. Bet on that!

Caught up with artist Ryan Bodenheim who has hooked up with the terrific Johnathan Hickman on the new mini-series RED MASS FOR MARS from Image Comics. I picked up #1 at his table and it is fantastic.

Rich Molinelli and his better half/partner-in-crime Sam were in attendance although I didn't even hang with them until Saturday.

Talked about the UNION STATION movie with writer/inker/sharp dresser Ande Parks. I got my hands on the screenplay a while back and thought it was great and I told him so. BTW, I sold my first comic ever, DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #3 (featuring my story DARK SIDE OF THE MOON with artist Juan Moreno), to Ande waaay back in '02, I think (?).

Can't forget Phil Kost, military adviser and all-around good guy. He and I talked about putting the Lost Squad in a different historical setting and had some terrific ideas. Good to see you, Phil!

Saw Michael Kasinger (MEK71 on the DWP boards), Andy Jewett and a ton of others I'm forgetting. I'll update as the memories come back to me.

Can't wait for 2009.

On to San Diego!


Ryan Stegman said...

Sounds pretty sweet, especially the Ryan Stegman part.

Chris Kirby said...

I dunno, I felt the whole con report seemed to bog down around the Ryan Stegman part.