Friday, February 15, 2008

Strike over.

Good to see the strike finally come to an end. From the reading I've done and the people I've talked to I get the impression that they believe that they got as good of a deal as they could get. There are a few quibbles (17 days of residual free streaming before the writer sees a dime?), but that it was good to get everyone back to work.

We're waiting on a second draft of the Lost Squad screenplay. Hopefully once that's turned in Rogue will give it a greenlight.

Still working on the hosting issues. My provider is not forwarding the domain properly and I'm thinking about installing a blogging tool to get around this, although I'd rather just stick with Blogger for now.

I got caught up on some TV and will post some reviews shortly.

More to come.

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Phil Kost said...


I got GI Joe The Movie coming in 2009 and now I want my Lost Squad movie!