Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alan's Newest Gig

Alan is definitely movin' on up!

I got word from him last week that he's been signed on to provide one issue of fill-in artwork on Dark Horse's Star Wars Legacy book. He's slated for issue #22 which is already solicited and set to arrive in your local comic shop on April 8.

Anyone who knows Alan knows that he is a MAJOR Star Wars fan and this is a dream project for him.

Check out his Darth!

We've put our projects on the backburner for now, but for the record, I couldn't be happier for him!

His artwork keeps getting better and his career, in my opinion, is starting to take off. He's got his foot in the door now at Dark Horse and I predict big things from him.

Now, if Dark Horse could just use a writer, on say, their revivals of my old faves EERIE and CREEPY, they could pair the two of us up once again.


The Mad Alaskan said...

Good for Alan!!

I just lost a collaborator to DC....but you can't help being happy for them!

Chris Kirby said...

I hear ya', Kel. I've been left at the altar several times by artists moving on up. Goes with the territory, I guess, but Alan is such a good guy I can't help but smile.