Friday, August 17, 2007

WORDBALLOON podcast up!

John Siuntres, the Chicago based creator of the comic book conversation show Wordballoon, did yeoman's work stalking Artist's Alley at Wizard World this year and got a ton of quick audio interviews right from the floor from a bevy of comic heavies...and me.

The podcast was just posted and you can check it out here at Newsarama (right click and hit SAVE LINK to download) or over at the Wordballon homepage (including an in-browser player) here. The list of guests is very impressive, but if you want to skip to my jibba-jabba about the Lost Squad stuff I come in at around the 44:32 mark.

You can also subscribe to Wordballoon using your iTunes software. Some highlights for me from the Wordballoon library: the Bendis episodes are a riot and the Greg Rucka stuff is terrific as well. Two of my favorite creators.

Thanks for stopping by the table John!

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