Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lost Squad mention on Fanboy Radio.

Writers Phil Hester and Chuck Satterlee , along with penciler Kevin Mellon, were interviewed on Fanboy Radio a few weeks back about their new book THIRTEEN STEPS from Desperado Publishing.

Chuck gives a nice shout out to Lost Squad in the podcast at about halfway mark. Thanks, Chuck!

If you haven't checked out the Fanboy Radio podcast, give it a listen. GREAT stuff and a terrific guest list. It's available on iTunes. Chuck, Phil and Kevin are on Episode #396 recorded on 6/6/07.

Speaking of THIRTEEN STEPS, it's a werewolf book with a twist. Here's the solicit copy: "Semi-pro baseball player Justin Ullrich has a problem… he’s a werewolf and he wants to talk, but nobody’s listening. Not his Mother, Priest, stoner pal or his ex… the succubus. So where does a monster with bloodlust issues go? He enters a twelve step self-help program, of course! But instead of finding answers he finds himself swept up in the identity politics of the monster set. Super-sized 40 page first issue! Thirteen Steps…. Because when it’s supernatural you need that extra step!

Written by Phil Hester and Chuck Satterlee with art by Kevin Mellon (GEARHEAD)".



Mellon said...

hey chris, just came across this... your book is deserving of many many kudos and props. it's good stuff, i was glad chuck brought it up, cuz i had literally just read it a few days before.

good luck with the hollywood stuff, and now that i know you have a blog i'll be sure to keep up on what you're up to.


Chris Kirby said...

Hey, Kevin! Once again, thanks for the shoutout. I'm digging Gearhead, btw.