Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cat no longer in the bag - St. Leger & Mather to write/direct Lost Squad

News Headlines from Variety: Irish duo join Rogue's 'Lost Squad' and The Hollywood Reporter: Saint, Mather put 'Squad' into action.

For the record: I couldn't be more thrilled!

I was blown away after seeing their 15 minute short 'Prey Alone' - a balls-to-the-wall action stunner with terrific effects. The project's live action elements were shot in only 4 days on a green screen soundstage back in 2004. Digital Animation and effects were added later.

Check out the trailer.

Click on over to their website to view more videos and photos of the shoot. There's some terrific video comparing the raw live action footage to the finished project.

Cool stuff. YouTube has the entire fifteen minute short posted in two parts.

Part one.
Part two.
It's one more (HUGE!) step down that road to making the movie.

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