Thursday, August 10, 2006

Con Report 2006 - part one.

Finally finding some time to post some quick (and somewhat disjointed) thoughts and reactions from my travels to the big two conventions. Here's the first of two con reports.

San Diego -

Let me start by saying that the fans were fantastic and gave the Lost Squad a lot of love. I went out to San Diego with a loaded-down-over-the-weight-limit suitcase and flew back with a bag as light as air. Suffice to say, that sales were brisk. I'm completely sold out of issue #1. Kody as usual is terrific to hang with while trying to move our stuff. Hoping to setup again with him next year.

Here's me using my superspeed to sell Lost Squad comics.

See how fast I can move!

Thanks to Dario Carrasco of Panday Studio for the photo (nicked from the DW message boards).

Had a good time at the booth, all-in-all. A little crowded, but the company in our little foxhole was solid. Thanks to Shawn Granger and the May brothers for making the time fly by. Sean Dulaney is the king DWP pimp and deserves big props for setting things up. Michael Colbert also was selling his fabulous CRAZY MARY books.

This year, San Diego seemed to be about comics once again. I did more networking and schmoozing at this con than at all the others combined. Business was getting done in San Diego, I can tell you that. Had more than a few conversations with editors at several different companies and am trying to figure what I want to do next.

Had a few shots of vodka and saki with my homies at Epic Proportions - Jerry Ma and Ken Knudtsen. Good men, those two. They had sweet booth placement right across from the Devil's Due setup. I'd grab a little liquid refreshment each day before sitting down to sign. I'm just sorry I didn't have more time to hang with those guys.

Ken, I SWEAR I'll finish part two of MINDGAMES. Promise, dude.

Although people were in the mood for comics, man, were the Hollywood development guys out in full force! It may all be a scam to get free comics, I don't know, as I gave out ten or so full runs of LS to guys with nothing more than a business card with a production company printed on it.

My one regret: director Robert Rodriguez stopped by our little booth and I was out on the floor and wasn't able to slip him a set of comics. He'd be perfect to direct the Lost Squad movie.

I need to thank the whole Devil's Due booth crew who made a new guy signing for the first time at a big con feel right at home. Top notch people, one and all. Special thanks to Susan Bishop, Brian Torney, Caitlin McKay, Sam Wells, Tim Seeley, and Josh Blaylock.

Nightlife in SD was fantastic. The fine dining around the convention center is impressive. Went to Little Italy one night for pasta, headed to Old Town for margaritas and chimchangas the next and then sampled the seafood at Croce's our last night there.

Had a good time hitting the bars around the convention center. Hung and had drinks and/or dinner with Kody Chamberlain and Kristie, Sean Dulaney, Dan Taylor, Michael Colbert and his pal Eric, Tony Lee, Ron Domingue, Chuck Satterlee, Ben Templesmith, Ray and Renae, Sara and Diana, Rob Guillory, Ryan Scott, Chad Hardin, and a bunch more people I'm forgetting.

I love the San Diego con and after having some doubts about writing for comics and where I fit in the grand scheme of things, I can say that the trip re-energized me and made me want to make comics again. Special thanks to Larry Young who always seems to give me a needed kick in the keister to get motivated again just when I need it!


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