Monday, April 17, 2006

Silver Bullet Comics takes aim at issue #3.

John Hays over at Silver Bullet Comics has a review up for LS #3. Make with the clicky and check it out. Nice review and a big thanks to John. It's always terrific to have people checking out your work.

John mentions that he isn't a big fan of the pacing of the story. I'd like to touch on this a bit (and this isn't directed at John, it's just probably time I mentioned the creative process for the book ).

Originally, the Operation: Crystal Ball storyline was an OGN that Alan and I were working on for Devil's Due's D3 digest sized TPB line. When we switched to the floppy format we cut some material and added a bit here and there to hit each issue break (we also added a prologue story that became issue #1). For the most part, we didn't have to force the breaks and invent cliffhangers to make it work. The breaks were already there organically. But, the whole story was indeed initally "written for the trade" because, well, it was a trade.

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