Saturday, April 08, 2006

Proofs are in for Issue #4.

Got the proofs in the mail for Issue #4 which should mean we'll be hitting stores in the next few weeks.

The books looks fantastic. I'm really pleased how it all came together. Brenner has done a really nice job.

Got a couple of LS #3 reviews I need to post. The main complaints seem to be that readers have a hard time telling the squad apart and that #3 is pretty much ALL ACTION.

We've got a little character guide printed in the inside front cover of #4 which should clear up some confusion. As to the second complaint, issue #4 is pretty much balls-to-the-wall action, even more so than #3.

BUT, we do get the big twist at the end that changes the mission completely as we discover the true nature of the SYBIL device.

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