Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kody Chamberlain talks creating comics

My pal Kody Chamberlain the awesome auteur (a little Stan Lee alliteration there) of the dark thriller SWEETS from Image comics has given a tremendous interview to NEWSARAMA about the sausage making that is creating comics. He's not only a great artist but a terrific storyteller as well.

Check out the interview and enjoy the peek-behind-the curtain of one of comics' hottest creators and his process.

Kody gives a checklist of great books for the aspiring creator. I have every book on his "writer's guide" list (save one) and would recommend them unconditionally as well.

Kody is one of the truly good guys in comics and an extremely talented cat as well. Click on over and give the article a read. It's good stuff.

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