Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lost Squad covers

Sprucing up the site a bit. I noticed some new people visiting and wanted to upload this slideshow of Lost Squad covers.

Artwork by Alan Robinson.

Here's the pitch -- It's the DIRTY DOZEN by way of the X-FILES - weird war tales created for a new audience! When a mission is too weird for the U.S. Army the brass calls in the Lost Squad. It's 1942 and the seemingly unstoppable Wehrmacht is on the march. AS the Nazis swallow more and more of Europe, Hitler's scientists perfect a mechanism that could guarantee his ultimate victory!

Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars - INDYCOMICREVIEW.COM

"The Lost Squad is three parts high adventure and one part humor" - COMICREADERS.COM

"This series has a lot of character" - SEQUENTIALTART.COM

"An interesting tale, one a bit off the beaten path." - BROKENFRONTIER.COM

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