Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New York Comic Con

Thursday, I'll be jetting to New York for Comic Con. My first time in NYC in forever. I won't be setting up anywhere and I'm not on the signing schedule at the Devil's Due booth at the moment. I'll update that if something happens, but for now it's all about networking.

I will be the guy stalking editors, pimping artwork, and hanging with friends. I am also looking for an artist for a new project. I've had to amicably part ways with an artist who wasn't able to put the time on the gig as he's busy doing work for BOTH Marvel and DC. So, if you're an artist looking to do some darker capes stuff (yeah, I know. It's capes), then drop me a line at mailcall {[at]} lost-squad dot com. I'd love to see who's paying attention to this blog.

If you see me, stop me and say hello. I'll be the guy trying to ride the coattails of Tony Lee and Kody Chamberlain.


Steve Saunders said...

Have fun at NYCC, dude! Wish I could go. Maybe next year.

And you aren't making Emerald City, right? I have a feeling I've asked you before, but I'm afraid the salt mines are affecting my mind.

Be sure to make fart noises at Tony for me! :)

Chris Kirby said...

Thanks, Steve. I won't be at Emerald City, but I'll be in San Diego for sure and possibly HeroesCon this year. Are you coming to SD this year?

BTW, Tony makes his own fart noises.