Sunday, November 30, 2008

Con Season 2009

My sister is getting married in August and that means for the first time in eight years I will not be at Wizard World Chicago.

I won't be crying too much as I'll be in California with the family for the nuptials, but it does mean that I won't be hanging with friends in what has become an annual rite of drinking, bullshitting, and slinging comics. WW-Chicago is just down the road from me and sales the last two years have been very strong. I will definitely miss it.

The plan is too head to San Diego again this year for Comicon and possibly add one more sometime throughout the year. NYC is out, but WW- LA and Philly are options as is HeroesCon and WW- Texas.

I'd love to hear some pros and cons from peeps. Any suggestions?


Phil Kost said...

Come to WW-Texas, and as long as I am not deployed, you have someone to help man your booth.


Chris Kirby said...

WW Texas is definitely a option. If I make it, I'll take you up on your offer, Phil.

Artist Kody Chamberlain speaks highly of the show. I've never been so it'll be a whole new batch of people to annoy with my sales mean customers!

Phil Kost said...

Looks like no Wizard World Dallas...

Chris Kirby said...

Bummer. It was looking like I might be able to head to Texas this year.

I had heard rumblings this might happen. I may have to check into HeroesCon this year.

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