Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Blogger hiccup

Seems that Blogger had a bit of a hiccup recently.

They've chewed up and spat out a few postings.

Sorry about that. In the meantime, and for no reason in particular, here's a picture of Mr. T.

The funny thing is, the hat isn't even the most ridiculous thing about this photo.

That is just an INSANE amount of bling. Never mind the weapon, but how does the man get through the metal detectors at airports?

I think it's just one LONG ass gold rope chain he swiped off an anchor aboard a Saudi prince's yacht.

Are those Wonder Woman's bracelets and Mandarin's rings he's wearing? (geekjoke)

More T as the mood strikes me, foo'!

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cookie3303 said...

thats a funny photo