Friday, July 14, 2006

Lost Squad TPB

The fine folks at Devil's Due have solicited the Lost Squad TPB this month.

"Join the group of elite WWII U.S. Army soldiers knows as the 'Lost Squad' as they take on vengeful spirits, flying Nazi commandos, mechanized spider-tanks and crazed demon solders. Collects the Lost Squad's first two thrilling missions ...

Product Code: JUL063088
Regular Price: $14.95

Estimated Ship Date: 09/27/06
CATALOG PAGE 265 (JUL 2006)"


The Mad Alaskan said...

I've got mine ordered!!

eDuke said...

Is this digest sized? I read somewhere it was.

Chris Kirby said...

Full size, baby!

The original idea was to put out the book in digest size at 144 pages, but the story ran over and DDP was cool with the putting the book out full size 168 pages.